T lymphocytes guarding your body – magnetostimulation to support your immunity

The immune system acts as an internal physician on which depends the risk of disease, the course of the disease and complications. It is one of the three basic systems of the body, next to the nervous and endocrine systems, which determine the balance of biological functions, i.e. homeostasis. The body’s immunity depends on many factors, many of which we can influence. Learn how to effectively support the immune system by stimulating the production of T cells.

The role of T lymphocytes in the immune system what you should know …

T lymphocytes (so-called thymic-dependent) are white blood cells which, together with B lymphocytes, are one of the most important cells of the immune system. Their task is to defend the body against harmful factors coming from both the external and internal environment. They are compared to a hidden army of soldiers protecting us against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Immunological competence (the ability to properly recognize and react, including enhancing or inhibiting the reaction depending on the needs) is obtained with the supply of T lymphocytes, which make a precise assessment of the condition of our tissues and the presence of foreign threats. Of all immune cells, they are the most specialized in fighting viruses and microorganisms, such as bacteria.

T lymphocytes – guarding the body in the fight against viruses

Viruses are the cause of many infections, the most common of which are upper respiratory tract infections such as Covid-19 and the flu. When the virus enters the host cell, it releases chemicals designed to alert other cells to the emerging threat. It is the T cells that travel to the site of infection and then kill the infected cells. Importantly, T lymphocytes, along with B lymphocytes, responsible for the production of antibodies, are part of the so-called immune memory. If the same virus reappears, our body is ready to produce antibodies in a short time.

Both too many and too many T lymphocytes can be a signal that our body is undergoing inflammation. Changes in the number of T lymphocytes affect the efficiency of the immune system, may affect the more severe course of infectious diseases, as well as the frequency of infections, and indicate developing diseases. Their “efficiency” determines not only the risk of disease, but also biological regeneration, the speed of healing of wounds and fractures, and our general physical condition.

Pulsed magnetic field stimulation with Viofor – a modern method focused on the activity of T lymphocytes

Viofor is a specialized medical device for therapy with pulsed magnetic field and LED light, which has been the subject of research in many research centers for 20 years. Its effectiveness and safety has been confirmed in over 300 scientific publications, 36 doctoral dissertations and 4 habilitation theses

Medicine in its range has other, more modern, methods of strengthening immunity aimed at the activity of T lymphocytes. An innovative achievement of Polish researchers is the demonstration of the effect of strengthening the immune system with the pulse magnetic field therapy with the Viofor system. The immunocorrective effect of Viofor’s magnetostimulation occurs through the improvement of the defensive functions of the immune system, which results in the normalization of the population of T lymphocytes in the body.

” The magnetic field, as a physical factor in the form of magnetostimulation of the Viofor System, exerts an immunocorrecting therapeutic effect, improving the defensive functions of the immune system and thus supporting the functioning of the immune system. The effect of strengthening the immune system occurs by stimulating the process of thymic-dependent maturation of regulatory T lymphocytes and replenishing deficiencies in this cell population in the immune system, as well as by reducing the concentration of pro- inflammatory factors and increasing anti-inflammatory factors , improving the defensive efficiency of the immune system ” -explains the professor of the Medical University of Łódź, dr hab. med. Marta Woldańska-Okońska, orthopedic surgeon – traumatologist.

Professional therapy also at home

Viofor magnetostimulation can be used in many cases of treatment, both acute, chronic and prophylactic. It is a non-invasive therapy, especially beneficial for people suffering from comorbidities and for children. An additional advantage of the method is the possibility of using the therapy also at home, when regularity of treatments is important. The innovative therapy is especially recommended for people with respiratory tract infections, for patients with difficult to heal wounds, bedsores or after thermal burns. It is also recommended for people with immunodeficiency, which is the main cause of the lack of progress in the treatment of many diseases. Viofor treatments – magnetostimulation, magnetoled-therapy, magneto-therapy – have been reimbursed by the National Health Fund since 2004.