Viofor JPS VET

Physiotherapy and animals

horseeyThe biological mechanisms of influencing animals with magnetic fields and light are similar to the ones found in humans. Medicine takes advantage of these similarities. Before a new therapy or drug is introduced, all basic and preclinical testing is conducted on animals. The goal of this research is an initial definition of the efficacy, range of uses and possible side effects for the treatment of humans. Viofor systems have successfully passed all stages of research and have received the necessary medical certification. For the last 14 years they have been widely used in doctor’s offices, sports medicine and home therapy. Through the Viofor JPS VET device, we are paying the debt we owe our animal friends. We offer a professional device for magnetic field physical therapy and phototherapy for veterinarians, animal breeders, handlers and trainers. Each product from the Viofor VET line is customized for the animal, ensuring high therapeutic effectiveness, unattainable for other physical therapy products.

The inception of Viofor JPS VET

The idea came into fruition as a joint venture between Med & Life (a certified producer of medical physical therapy equipment) and Jarpol (a leading producer of horse and small animal accessories). The experience of both companies allows the manufacturing of products with customized sizes and features, taking into account the individual anatomical qualities and therapeutic needs of all animals. Viofor VET, depending on the configuration, can be used in practically all conditions found in breeding, sport and veterinarian work. The breeder can configure Viofor VET to maximize the adaptation of the system to the needs of the animals. Through the use of interchangeable, freely set magnetic modules and built-to-fit applicator fittings makes efficient treatment possible.

horsAdvantage of Viofor JPS VET:

  • Design of the apparatus, easiness in use and multifunction of the system allows it to be used in professional veterinary clinics, sports and recreational riding centers as well as at home stables.
  • Customized for the animal, the horse-cloth is made following size given by customer which makes it more comfortable for both animal and  owner
  • Modular design made out of several components  is compatible with different horse-cloth sizes thus ensuring use for different horses
  • Horse-cloth is made out of durable and breathable denim which can be washed after removing apparatus components
  • Service during and after warranty period available on all of the components of Viofor JPS Vet System
  • External power supply provides possibility to carry out treatment away from power grid.

• spondylosis of the spine and osteoarticular system
• rheumatic diseases
• cracks and fractures
• dislocations, sprains arthritis
• injuries and inflammations of the tendons and tendon sheaths
• bruising and swelling
• non-healing wounds and sores
• circulatory disorders
• gastrointestinal mobility disorder
• pain syndromes of different origin
Wellness , Prevention :
• accelerates  regeneration of the body after exercise
• promotes relaxation, slows heart rate, slows breathing and makes it deeper
• reduces the stress associated with the training, taming and sports competitions
• improves oxygenation of the body which allows better use of oxygen

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Video showing treatment carried out on 13 years old greyhound Amigo over two weeks period.