Viofor JPS Classic and Delux control units are designed for demanding private customers and health professionals. Beside pulsed magnetic field stimulation they can also perform magnetic-light treatments. Those devices provide possibility to extend it with extra appliances to choose from the variety of equipment.
Viofor Clinic control unit is also designed for magneto-therapy ( three forms of therapy in one device!), together with Viofor Laser those series are designed only for qualified professionals. Viofor Laser and Light series can be interconnected with any Viofor JPS control unit for PMF-stimulation ( Classic, Delux, Clinic ) for magnetic-laser or magnetic-light therapy. To see detailed description of each component view our Catalog here

Classic – set no 2040

Portable set for therapy, rehabilitation and wellness. Suitable also for home use. Consist of:
– control unit Classic 1031 
– mat large applicator 3S – 1040
– pad small applicator 3S – 1041
– elastic ring applicator FI 30 – ref. no 1099
– adapter for applicators – 1073
– carrying bag – 1074

Delux Basic set – set no. 2022

Portable set for therapy, rehabilitation and wellness. Suitable also for home use. Consist of:
– control unit – Delux 1035
– mat large applicator 3S – 1040
– pad small applicator 3S – 1041
– elastic ring applicator FI 30 cm – 1099
– magnetic-light applicator – one to choose from: RIR 1067, R 1065, IR 1066
– adapter for applicators – 1073
– carrying bag – 1074

Delux Dent set – 2024

Professional set designed mainly for dentist. Consist of:
– control unit – Delux 1035
– pad small applicator 3S – 1041
– magnetic-light applicator -one to choose from: RIR 1067, R 1065, IR 1066
– spot applicator – one to choose from: S – 1056 or Z – 1057
– med stand – 1095
– adapter for applicators – 1073
– magnetic field indicator – 1075

Delux Med set 2025
Consist of:
– Control unit –  Delux 1035
– Frame bed applicator – 1060
– Ring applicator – large 65 cm diameter – ref. no. 1059
– Ring applicator – small 30 cm diameter – 1058
– Magnetic-light applicators – one to choose from: RIR 1067, R 1065, IR 1066
– Spot applicator – Z – 1057
– Adapter for applicators – 1073
– Med stand – 1095
– Magnetic field indicator – 1075

Delux/Clinic Complex set 2028/2029
Consist of:
– Clinic control unit – 1033 or Delux 1035
– Frame bed applicator – 1060
– Ring applicator – large 65 cm diameter – ref. no. 1059
– Ring applicator – small 30 cm diameter – 1058
– Mat large applicator 3S – 1040
– Pad small applicator 3S – 1041
– Elliptic applicator – 1054
– Binary flat applicator for magnetotherapy – 1068
– Magnetic-light applicators – RIR 1067, R 1065, IR 1066
– Spot applicator one to choose from: S – 1056 or Z – 1057
– Adapter for applicators – 1073
– Carrying Bag 3S – 1074
– Med stand – 1095
– Magnetic field indicator – 1075
In version with Delux control unit the set does not include flat applicator for magnetotherapy.

Viofor JPS Magnetic-Light Systems

Available components:
– Viofor JPS Magnetic-Light control unit – cat no. 1038 possibility for simultaneous application of Light and PMF Stimulation treatment
-Bi-section dual panel applicators:
Red 1080
Infrared 1084,
Mixed-red/infrared 1081
– Tri-section single panel applicators
Mixed-red/infrared 1083

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General information about the magnetic field applicators

In the applicators of Viofor JPS System the source of the magnetic field is formed in an electrical conductor coils. Med & Life produces heterogeneous field flat applicators and homogeneous field ring applicators. Induction of magnetic field generated by the coils is dependent on the dimensions of the coil, the number of turns and the electrical current flowing  through the coil.

Flat applicators produce heterogeneous magnetic field, which means that induction measured at different locations on the surface of the applicator and under the applicator may have different values. With the distance from the surface of  the applicator induction decreases, which limits the effective range of the magnetic field.

Increasing the “saturation”magnetic field can be  achieved by the simulataneous use of two flat applicators.

Homogeneous field applicators, such as ring applicators are made of coils properly completed and placed in space to each other. They produce homogeneous field in the large space inside the applicator. This means that  the homogeneity of the field has the same value of the induction, the same direction and sense in a given instant of time. The location of the body in the uniformity is ensured by the desing of applicators. A characteristic feature of the applicator is the generation of magnetic field with its lines of force parallel to the axis of the applicator and the patient`s body (in the flat applicators lines pass perpendicularly trough the body).

Choice of applicators

The values of magnetic field induction is related to the distance from applicator surface. It could be said that the larger applicator, the deeper magnetic field insertion.

When you need deep insertion, you should

  • choose large area applicator
  • use two flat applicators connected by adaptor
  • or use a ring applicator

Applicator combining (usage of two applicators)

The aim of the combination is to increase the efficiency of the therapy.

General principle for applicator combining

  • combining applicators applies to selected magnetic stimulation applicator
  • connection can be done only with the original adaptor changes the parameters of treatment
  • for the optimum effect of the combining the applicators should be positioned parallel to each other and the surfaces contact with the body should have different colours

Indications Pulsed magnetic Field Stimulation
Analgesic action
1.Osteoarticular system
– spondyliosis of  the spine and osteoarticular system  of the upper and lower limbs
– rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
– ankylosing spondylitis
– joint injuries.
2. Soft tissue:
– extra articular  rheumatism ( so-called fibromyalgia)
– soft tissue injuries
– conditions after injury(interruption)to the  continuity of tissue (including post-surgical).
3. migraines

Regenerative action
1. bone structure
– osteoporosis, particularly post-menopausal (concerns prophylaxis as well as therapy)
– conditions after bone crack and fracture
– conditions after operations on bone structure
– pseudoarthrosis
2. soft tissues:
– conditions after injury with or without damage to skin continuity
– burns
– bedsores

Improving peripheral circulation activity
1. improper local (topical) blood flow in the limbs:
– in diabetic angiopathy
– in atherosclerotic angiopathy
– in crural ulceration
2. accelerated absorption of haematomas

Antispastic activity
– conditions after apoplexy
– degenerative diseases of the nervous system, accompanied by spasticity

Relaxative activity
– neuroses
– sleep disorders
– stress, particularly after long-term psychic/mental tension
– concentration disorders
Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation in dentistry-regenerative and analgesic activity. 
-periapical lesions – conservative treatment of periapical tissue inflamations
-nerve damage,complications after  anaestesia
– complications after dental surgery
– complication after endodonic treatment
– dry socket as orthodontic treatment adjuvant

Contraindications to Pulsed magnetic Field Stimulation
– pregnancy
– neoplastic disease
– tuberculosis
– hyperthyroidism
– bleeding from the alimentary tract
– sever infections of a viral, bacterial
and mycotic origin
– electronic implants
– conditions after organ transplants

Side effects Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation, adverse effect 

Until now, no serious side effects of magnetic field simulation have been reported. The following effects might occur temporarily:
– a tingling, numbing and warmth sensation, may occur particulary in the first three or four days of exposure; this applies in particular to post-traumatic areas of the osteoarticular system,
– sleep disorders are observed only in aprox. 3% of elderly patients,
– irritation and/or concentration disorders, temporary intensification of pain are chiefly experienced by women during menopause as well as people with increased  tension of the neurovegetative system; these symptoms are usually observed in the first days following exposure.Such symptoms affect approx. 4% of women and 1% of men.
– A temporary intensification of pain usually occurs in the first period of exposure and affect people with significant degenerative changes in the osteoarticular system.

Viofor JPS generates variable magnetic fields, which cause changes in the organism similar to those caused by physical activity (physical strain, physical activity); i.e. they support biological regeneration. Both mental and physical regeneration is tightly connected with physical exercise. Variable magnetic field plays a similar beneficial role.
Magnetostimulation stimulates in the organism electromotor forces of such properties, which enable homeostasis, and in case of its disturbance stimulate return to a normal state.

Biological effect of variable magnetic field generated by Viofor JPS is the result of:

  • electrodymanic effect on ion currents in the body
  • magnetomechanic effect of the magnetic field on particles with uncompensated magnetic spin
  • ionic cyclotron resonance of cations and anions in the  body fluids

Body fluids i.e. blood, the lymph and intercellular fluid constitute so-called second mode conductors of the ionic character of electrical conductivity. The essence of the Viofor JPS system is the optimal choice of two different electrical (and thus magnetic) signals as well as their mutual combination, in order to achieve the aforementioned three fundamental mechanisms of variable magnetic field absorption by the living matter.

ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic radiation may affect an organism in various ways.
In magnetostimulation, due to extremely low value of magnetic induction, the most important are bio-electric, biochemical and bioenergetic effect

  • The bioelectric effect causes normalization in the potential of the cell membrane.  In pathological cases, the potential drops due to penetration through the cell membrane to the cell interior of positive ions, e.g. Na+. In order to reverse the process, the cell needs energy, which can be obtained from ATP hydrolysis.  .
  • The biochemical effect is based on an increased enzymatic activity as well as reduced processes related with ATP. .
  • The bioenergetic effect  is a factor that stimulates the nutrition and growth of cells and regulates intercellular processes leading to regeneration of the organism..

Main effects of biological magnetostimulation mechanisms:

Analgesic effect
Analgesic action takes place mainly due to an increase in the secretion of endogenous opiates from the ß-endorphin group, a substance responsible for the increase in pain threshold.  The effect of analgesic action occurs not only during exposure to magnetic fields, but is also observed after exposure is discontinued. This determines the biological hysteresis of magnetic field effect. Precisely such a mechanism of analgesic action on the internal opioid system confirms an antagonist of opiates blocking this effect (Naloxone).

Regenerative effect
An intensification of the processes of oxygen utilization and tissue respiration as a result of intensified diffusion as well as oxygen capture by hemoglobin and cytochrome chiefly determines the basis of regenerative effects.  The increased capture of oxygen is associated with a stimulation of the processes of tissue respiration, DNA synthesis and acceleration of the mitotic cycle.  As a result, magnetic fields treat trophic lesions of the shank, accelerate the healing of ulcerous niches, improve the cellular metabolism of the central nervous system and accelerate regeneration of damaged peripheral nerves.

Very weak currents generated due to interaction on piezoelectric substances e.g. collagen, stimulate the activity of osteoblasts. It is aided by intensification of vasodilatatory effects.  It has also been observed that a magnetic field inhibits demineralization processes of the bones and, at the same time, increases their mineralization – which is evaluated by densitometry.

Anti-inflammatory action is connected with the stimulation of formation of c-AMP and E prostaglandin. Prostaglandin influences the accumulation of c-AMP, which decreases the secretion of inflammation mediators from neutrophiles, basophiles, mastocytes and lymphocytes.

Relaxing and antispastic effect on the nervous system
In case of the nervous system, magnetic fields also improve the interneuron conductivity and modulation of neuron activity as well as the pineal gland’s twenty-four hour rhythms of melatonin secretion, which is called” the scavenger of free radicals” responsible, among others, for the aging process. The pulsating magnetic fields generated by the Viofor JPS clearly modify the amplitude value of alpha and theta wave rhythms in proper directions, characteristic for the physiological state of relaxation – objectively measurable and indicated by value of the demobilization of the autonomous system. The results of psychophysical testing, as a part of psychotherapy of emotionally immature people point to Viofortherapy as a method of choice for these people. What is more, it is a non-invasive method applied equally in medicine as in psychology.

Viofor JPS system magnetostimulation has a documented analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispastic, regenerative effect; it also improves blood circulation. Magnetostimulation is particularly recommended to treat pain of various origin, motor system diseases or neurological diseases. It is very effective in posttraumatic, post-burn and neurological rehabilitation.

In many cases it allows reducing the drug intake, painkillers in particular

Treatment time: default settings 8, 10 or 12 minutes
Treatment can be provided to patients in any position (lying or sitting). It does not need any special preparations. The application is automatic and there is no need to involve third parties.

Application parameters
Each treatment session includes the following parameters: Program (P), application mode (M) and intensity / level (I).

There are three groups of indication: prophylaxis, medical treatment and rehabilitation..
Prophylactic treatments should be applied two times a day. They provide comfortable and relaxing sessions. Two applicators can be used for prophylactic treatment: large flat applicator – mat and cot

Treatment and rehabilitation
Application parameters can be set according to the disease, patient’s age and general condition as well as treatment length. A wide choice of accessories allows general and local application. Large applicators (mat and cot) are used for the whole body treatment. Local applicators are used for selected body part treatment. They provide non-invasive and pain free treatment that patients can apply on their own.

For children, parameters are set according to age groups.

  • Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation  (PMF Simulation) in the JPS System

For Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation purposes, Viofor JPS System generates pulsed electromagnetic field using complex shape pulses with multi-peak structure, resulting in multiple signals across a frequency spectrum.

The shape of the signal:

the two types of the saw-like shape of impulse.

The frequencies are present by the manufacturer.

The Magnetic signal consist of:

  • the basic frequencies range: 180-195 Hz
  • the frequencies of the impulse packets range: 12,5-29 Hz,
  • the packet groups range: 2,8-7,6 Hz
  • the series range:0,08-0,3 Hz

Magnetic induction depends on the selected applicator as well as functional setting.

The average magnetic induction values are far lower than those used in Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy, for most Viofor JPS applicators up to 100 µT.

Duration of the treatment is present by the manufacturer when the desired functional setting is selected. Total duration of the treatment last 8 minutes, 10 minutes or 12 minutes.

  •  ​Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

Frequency: 5-40 Hz, in 5 Hz step

Magnetic induction: 0,19 – 6,00 µT (set by the intensity level in the  range of 0,5 – 12)

Duration of the treatment: 10- 30 min, in 5 min step

The shape of the signal: sinusoidal, triangular, rectangular

  • LED  Therapy

LED Therapy is a form of phototherapy which entails the use of energy of unpolarized and incoherent  light in the visible red and infrared light generated by high-energy LEDs.

Maximum radiation power: from 400 m W to 6800 mW, depends on  the applicator.

Average radiation power: from 1mW, or 10% maximum radiation power to full maximum radiation power, depends on the control unit.

Radiation frequency:181.8 Hz (optical radiation is emitted at a constant frequency of 181.8 Hz, which is one of the main frequencies of Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation in the JPS System).

Duration of the treatment:1-30 min.

  • Pulsed Magnetic Field LED Therapy

Pulsed Magnetic Field LED Therapy means using of Viofor JPS Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation and LED Therapy at the same time.

Pulsed magnetic Field LED Therapy in Viofor JPS System uses red and infrared optical radiation with parameters like in low-energy laser therapy.

Synchronous Pulsed Magnetic Field LED Therapy

impulses of magnetic field and LED radiation are synchronized.

Asynchronous Pulsed Magnetic Field LED Therapy 

impulses of magnetic  field and LED radiation are not synchronized.

Maximum radiation power: from 400 mW to 6800 mW, Depends on the selected applicator.

Average radiation power: depending on the selected control unit from a hew mW (Clinic,Delux) or from 10% maximum radiation power to maximum radiation power (Light,MagneticLight)

Radiation frequency:181.8 Hz (optical radiation is emitted at a constant frequency of 181.8 Hz, wich is one of the main frequencies of pulsed magnetic field stimulation in the JPS System.

Duration of the treatment: 8 min, 10 min, 12 min or x2,x 3, depends on selected control unit.

The shape of the signal: Pulsed magnetic Field Stimulation with the two types of the saw-like shape of impulse.

  • Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a kind of light therapy which uses energy of coherent and monochromatic laser radiation in red and infrared radiation range, generated by semiconductor laser.

Dose (density) of radiation energy:1-99 J/cm2

Radiation frequency: 181.8 Hz (optical radiation is emitted at a caostant frequency of 181.8 Hz, which is one of the main frequencies of pulsed magnetic field stimulation in the JPS System).

Maximum radiation power: 30 mW for red radiation and 300 mW for infrared radiation.

Average radiation power:  from 1mW up to full maximum radiation power, deprnds on the applicator ( continuous mode).

Duration of the treatment: 10-30 min in 10 sec  step.

  • Pulsed Magnetic Field Laser Therapy

​Pulsed Magnetic Field Laser Therapy usage of Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation and Laser Therapy in the same time.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Laser Therapy in Viofor JPS System uses red and infrared laser radiation with low energy parameters.

Impulses of pulsed magnetic field and laser radiation are not synchronized.

Dose (denisty)of radiation energy: 1-99 J/cm2.

Radiation frequency: 181.8 Hz (optical radiation is emited at a constant frequency of 181.8 Hz, which is one of the main frequency of Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation in the  JPS System).

Maximum radiation power:30 mW for red radiation and 300 mW for infrared radiation.

Average radiation power: from 1 mW, up to full maximum radiation radiation power, depends on the applicator (continous mode).

The shape of the signal: Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation with the two types of the saw-like shape of impulse.

Duration of the treatment: 

  • separately sets for laser radiation – from 1 min to 10 min in 10 sec step
  • separately sets for pulsed magnetic field 8 min, 10 min, 12 min.
  • PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT)

The basis of PDT is the joint action of the photosensitizer, oxygen and light of an appropriate wavelength that is selectively absorbed by the photosensitizer.The result is a photodynamic action which enables the selective destruction of pathological tissue or the inferected area.

S PDT Viofor System allows completion of the procedure of the PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) in providing appropriate radiation dose for the treatment of a change qualified to the PhotoDynamic Therapy.

The LED Therapy Spot Applicator can be used to PDT (PhotoDynamic Therapy) ensuring a correct dosage of light energy for photosensitizers with a wavelength of 632 nm.

The PDT terapist decides what indications and energy dose and which photosensitizer should be used when carrying out the procedure.

The equipment can be used for PDT that does not involve contact with the skin: the vulva,the male external genitals and oral mucosa.In recent years there has been a discernible rise in the use of PDT for the treatment of inflamatory states e.g.: acne vulgaris, curural ulcers, diabetic foot, syndrome nad inflammation of the external genitals.

The equipmant meets the technical criteria necessary  for treatments accessible for non-endoscopic and non-contact application.