Viofor – the first non-pharmacological medical device with a clinically documented effect on strengthening immunity

The role that the immune system plays in our body is indisputable. Viruses and bacteria to which we are exposed are evolving, and drugs dedicated to their treatment become ineffective. To this day, there is no effective method of treating many viral and bacterial diseases, as in the case of COVID-19, where the risk group is older people, weaker general condition and reduced immunity.

The strengthening effect of the immune system is a breakthrough achievement in the field of physical medicine, and Viofor becomes the first medical device with immunotropic action and a non-pharmacological method of strengthening immunity.

Obtaining the positive opinion of clinical experts and the recommendation of the certification body was preceded by tests both in vivo for the whole organism and in vitro in relation to immune cells isolated from the blood. The new application of Viofor becomes particularly significant in the current threat situation of COVID-19 and makes it the only medical device with a clinically documented effect on the treatment of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. The therapeutic factor is the low frequency and low induction pulsed magnetic field, in the shape of signals forming a multi-peak frequency spectrum in the JPS system.

” The magnetic field, in the form of magnetostimulation of the Viofor JPS System, exerts an immunocorrective effect, improving the defensive functions of the immune system and thus supports the functioning of the immune system. The immune system strengthening effect occurs by stimulating the thymus-dependent maturation process of regulatory T cells and supplementing the deficiencies of this cell population in the immune system, as well as by lowering the concentration of pro-inflammatory factors and the increase of anti-inflammatory factors, improving the defensive efficiency of the immune system. The key to natural immunity is the melatonin secretion process, which acts immunomodulatory, affecting cytokine production, and stimulating immunocompetent cells to secrete opioids. Its role can be compared to an “immune buffer”, which stimulates the immune processes, especially in states of their disorder, e.g. as a result of infection, immunosuppression, stress or advanced age, but also inhibits them in the event of excessive activation of the immune system (which occurs e.g. in severe infections (Covid-19). That is why it is so important that Viofor JPS magnetostimulation treatments do not disturb circadian cycles associated with nocturnal melatonin secretion. In studies of blood samples of healthy patients, there were no endocrine disorders secretion of melatonin in the blood serum , ” – says Professor of Medical University of Lodz, PhD. med. Marta Woldańska – Okońska, orthopedic surgeon – traumatologist, specialist in medical rehabilitation, specialist in balneology and physical medicine, Medical University of Lodz.

The Viofor method in strengthening the immune system opens wide possibilities in the treatment and prevention of the patient. From the point of view of effectiveness, it can be used in many cases as an alternative method to pharmacological treatment, both emergency and chronic. It is a non-invasive therapy and can be particularly beneficial for people suffering from comorbidities and children. An additional advantage of the product is the possibility of using the therapy at home without the participation of a therapist, thanks to which the procedures can be performed in everyday prevention.