Viofor in healthy aging

The fact is that aging is a natural process which differs from disorder processes.Medicine should endeavor to protect this natural aging process from diseases, allowing the life to progress in the spirit of a pleasant, active and healthy aging. Telemers, free radicals, oxidation stress, cellular cycles encoding genes, signal reflection routes and overall regenerative capacity of a human body, these are some of the interesting fields of a new science studying aging – gerontology.
Necrosis of the cerebral cortex neurons has always been regarded as an inevitable symptoms of aging. Major culprits which accelerate the dying off of neurons are oxidation stress, lack of oxygen and metabolism of calcium. At old age, geriatric changes in neurons take place which, however, do not mean the neuron’s death. Only some synapses become dysfunctional, while others can compensate for their loss. One of the geriatric changes is a loss of cellular circuits which enable space orientation. A key role in neuron disorders and degeneration is also played by estrogens, the female sexual hormones.