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“40 children with recurrent infections of respiratory tracts were treated routinely and 20 of them additionally received magnetostimulation (10 daily expositions to homogenous low frequency magnetic field generated by Viofor JPS). They were tested clinically and immunologically before treatment, after the magnetostimulation and 6 moths later. The number and duration of infection episodes decreased significantly after magnetostimulation…”

Low energy electromagnetic fields and immunity

“The available literature data on the influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the immune system are up to now fragmentary, describing the changes of a few immune functions, mainly phagocytosis, lymphocyte proliferation, or antibody production, and are frequently controversial or not confirmed by the results of repeated periments. On the grounds of results of the three series of demonstrated experiments the authors indicate which methodological elements, including not only precise dosymetric circumstances but also the timing of exposure in relation to the cell cycle and the initial functional state of exposed cells may be decisive for the final effect of exposition in vitro…”

Immune monitoring in magnetostimulation in complex treatment of burn injury

The article presents the case of a female patient with an extensive 70% TBSA burn treated with a combination of routine operative surgery, general management and administration of expositions to low-frequency magnetic field (LFMF) generated by Viofor JPS Classic and Professional System emitters.

Immunocorrective effects of magnetotherapy administered in patients with thermal burn injury

The severe thermal injuries compromising more than 20% of body surface lead to the generalized reaction of the organism described as a “systemic inflammatory reaction syndrome” (SIRS). This kind of injury represents a strong signal for the immune system. The way of immune response depends on the range and intensity of the injuring signal and the potential reactive abilities of the system.

Magnetoledtherapy in comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation

Introduction: LED light therapy with magnetostimulation (magnetoledtherapy) has a vast range of applications in the treatment of neurological, rheumatic and orthopedic illnesses. In some cases it serves as an alternative procedure to pharmacological treatment, in particular to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Aim: The aim of this study was to discuss the use of magnetoledtherapy in the rehabilitation of children.

Evaluation of b-endorphin concentration, mood, and pain intensity in men with idiopathic hip osteoarthritis treated with variable magnetic field

Osteoarthritis is the most frequently diagnosed disease of the musculoskeletal system. Growing number of patients waiting for surgical treatment and the possible negative consequences resulting from long-term pharmacological therapy lead to the search for non-pharmacological methods aimed at alleviating pain and reducing doses of analgesics, among them physical therapy with use of magnetic fields…

Analgesic efficacy of magnetoledotherapy in patients with low back pain syndromes

Low back pain syndromes most often occur due to overloading of the musculoskeletal system. The cause is a frequent, improper lifting of heavy objects, most commonly by those working physically, with repetitive movements of bending and straightening of the trunk (turning and bending with load). This problem affects not only adults but also children and adolescents. There is a growing interest in new forms of analgesic therapy nowadays, especially in those that exhibit synergistic therapeutic effects.
The aim of this work is to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of magnetoledotherapy in patients with lumbar– sacrum spinal pain syndromes caused by joints degenerative changes

Use of variable magnetic field of low frequency in degenerative knee joint disease

The work deals with application of magnetotherapy for treatment of degenerative disease of knee joint. It was statistically proved that this kind of treatment is beneficial for lowering of pain level, increase of locomotor ability and decreases the swollen tissue.

Magnetoledtherapy in the treatment of wounds after surgical procedures of the knee joint

This article discusses the positive results of the treatment of a 63-year-old woman with a persisting chronic wound of her right lower extremity after knee joint endoprosthesis surgery. The physical medicine method applied, in the form of Magnetoledtherapy, contributed to complete wound healing and alleviation of pain suffered, as well as improvement of the quality of life of the treated patient.

Changing Magnetic Fields in the Treatment of Compressive Fractures in the Cervical Spine – Case Description

The aim of this article is to discuss the treatment of 25 -year old man who suffered a compressive fracture of the C6 vertebra with peresis of the ulnar nerve.

Physical possibilities in the treatment of chronic abdominal pain in patients with peritoneal adhesions

Background. The most intensive pains suffered by patients after surgical interventions are caused by post-operative peritoneal adhesions, which are incorrect connective tissue connections formed on or among internal organs and tissues in the abdominal cavity. These adhesion-related pains are resistant to analgesic treatment and often persist for many years.
Objectives. In this trial, the estimation of the efficacy of combined treatment with the use of two variable magnetic field related therapeutic methods (magnetotherapy and magnetostimulation) in the treatment of 119 patients with chronic abdominal pains caused by numerous post-operative peritoneal adhesions was performed

Variable magnetic fields in the conservative analgesic treatment of peritoneal adhesions

In the study the therapeutic effects of variable magnetic fields applied as magnetotherapy and magnetostimulation were estimated in 20 patients with chronic abdominal pains resistant for routine pharmacological treatment caused by a creation of peritoneal adhesions after surgical interventions. As a result of 2 cycles of 15 daily procedures of both magnetostimulation and magnetotherapy, a significant decrease in pain intensity (from 9,05 to 2,05 points in VAS scale) and improvement of quality of life (increase from 23,25 to 87,75 points in EuroQol scale) were achieved.

Low frequency electromagnetic field decreases ischemia– reperfusion injury of human cardiomyocytes and supports their metabolic function

Electromagnetic field at extremely low frequencies plays a significant role in the physiological function of human tissues and systems. It is shown that electromagnetic field inhibits production of reactive oxygen species which are involved in heart injury triggered by oxidative stress. We hypothesize that low frequency electromagnetic field protects function of cardiac cells from ischemia–reperfusion injury.

Impact of magnetostimulation on nerve and muscle electrical excitability in patients with increased muscle tone

Aim of this study was to assess the effect of magnetostimulation on changes in excitability of nerves and muscles after a single and repeated exposure to magnetic fields generated by Viofor JPS.

Magnetic field stimulation and the quality of life in MS patients

The aim of our study was to evaluate the effectiveness of magnetic field stimulation and exercise on the quality of life in multiple sclerosis patients undergoing home-based rehabilitation.
Material and methods. The study involved a group of 87 patients with advanced multiple sclerosis (minimum grade 6 in the Expanded Disability Status Scale). Patients were divided into two groups. In Group I magnetic field was applied from a Viofor JPS apparatus once daily for 20 days. Group II (controls) did not receive magnetic field therapy. Patients from both groups carried out exercises at home. The clinical status was evaluated using Cendrowski’s numerical scale and the Expanded Disability Status Scale. Quality of life was examined by using an extended Testa and Simonson questionnaire. Patients were evaluated twice: before and after 20 days of rehabilitation at home.


The term “wellness” embraces a wide spectrum of methods that impact the human body by restoring its capabilities and functions, which were previously depleted as a result of increased physical and mental activities such, i.e. sport. Judging by the number of amateur, semi-professional, and professional sporting events at local and national levels, societies consider sports a major part of their everyday lives. A growing percentage of the population is exposing their bodies to various strains, which may result in fatigue, overtraining and injuries, and so the market demand for recovery-related services is on the rise. Therefore, this paper is an overview of the most important and the latest wellness systems and methods applied in today’s sport.

Comparative Analysis of the Influence of Selected Physical Factors on the Level of Pain in the Course of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Temporomandibular joints (TMJs) play a very significant function in the activity of the locomotor system of the masticatory system. But they are often a source of pain, myopathy, myoarthropathy, and malfunction of their surrounding or internal structures. .e treatment of a patient’s discomfort associated with masticatory system dysfunctions strongly depends on their cause. Aim of the Study. .e objective of the study was to evaluate the impact of selected physical factors: LED light therapy with electromagnetic field and cryotherapy for the level of pain, in the treatment of patients suffering from temporomandibular disorders (TMDs)

Magnetostimulation in the treatment of crural vein ulceration

Chronic venous insufficiency, as well as crural vein ulceration, developing at its background, poses a serious clinical problem. Treatment is costly and lengthy. Intense development of physical medicine allows to reduce the time of treatment, as well as to improve the life quality in numerous soft tissue ailments, including wounds that are hard to heal. This article presents the beneficial results of treatment of a 67-year-old woman patient with a diagnosis of crural vein ulceration in the right limb. The applied physiotherapeutic method, in the form of magnetostimulation, contributed to complete healing of the lesion, subsidence of symptoms, as well as improved life quality of the treated patient.

Synergistic Effect of ELF-Magnetic Field and IR-Radiation on Tinnitus Patients

The LED light therapy and magnetostimulation is an innovative method of treatment used in Viofor JPS System. Simultaneous application of both types of electromagnetic radiation increases the therapy effectiveness by the synergy effect. It is recommended in analgesic, anti-inflammatory treatment, and to support immune system of the organism. The mechanism of biological effect of variable magnetic fields and light are of similar nature at the tissue level. When applying magnetostimulation and light together, it shortens the time of therapy. The LED light therapy and magnetostimulation is supposed to be an alternative supporting method to therapies used to treat tinnitus so far.

Therapeutic efficacy assessment of weak variable magnetic fields with low value of induction in patients with drug-resistant depression

The aim of this prospective study was to verify whether magnetostimulation with weak variable magnetic fields with low value of induction could enhance the effects of pharmacological therapy in drug-resistant depression.


We studied the impact of a low induction magnetic field on alpha, beta, theta, SMR and delta brain wave rhythms.
The research involved 70 women and 70 men aged 19-23 with and without manifest difficulties in solving logical-mathematical
problems, divided into four groups of 35. The examinations were performed at the Psychophysiology Laboratory in Warsaw.
Statistical analysis shows that, regardless of cerebral hemisphere, IQ and sex, low induction magnetic fields can be used
to modify the amplitude values of particular brain wave rhythms in chosen directions, which means they can be used to in crease
the capacity of one or both cerebral hemispheres. These effects were not obtained with a placebo, which excludes a psychological factor being responsible for increasing the ability to make analytic-synthetic distinctions.

Myofascial Trigger Points and the Body Posture – deactivating them Applying Magnetic Fields

Myofascial pain syndrome is sensory, motor, autonomic disorder caused by the occurance of trigger points (TrP). In literature the possibilities of deactivating TrP’s through exposure to magnetic fields (MF) can be noticed. The aim of cuurent research is an attempt at answering the question whether MF changes TrP’s activity…

Electromagnetic fields in medicine – state of the art

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